Questions regarding income and criteria

Paid employment
Gross monthly income is to be at least 3-3,5 times the basic rent of the apartment.

The income of a second person is included for 100%
One has to have a contract of employment for the minimum of one year.
Temporary employment contracts with phase A cannot be included as income.

Students are expected to have a guarantor with a gross income of at least €2500 a month.

Are you a pensioner? Your gross annual income will then be determined based on your pension and/or social security (Pension Credit/Old Age Pensions Act). This data will then be considered per individual case.

Entrepreneur or self-employed
Are you an entrepreneur? Then, you are required to disclose the last two annual figures, which have been approved and authenticated by a licensed accountant. Based on these numbers, it will be determined whether one’s income can be accepted. Next to this, a deposit for an average of three months is usually requested as well.

A poor history regarding payments can be a cause for rejection.

Before we can, acting in name of our client, rent a residence, we are obliged to investigate the information that has been provided by you. Your previous landlord/landlady, as well as your current employer, will be contacted to verify the references you included and to ascertain the legitimacy of the documents. If you do not fulfil all necessary requirements, this reservation will be cancelled.
To avoid any disappointments, we advise you to carefully consider the selection criteria beforehand, to see whether you might be eligible for a residence.

The authorities will always be notified in case of forged documents.

You can share the apartment with a friend. Both incomes will be accounted for for a 100%, if you are students, you are expected to have a guarantor with a gross income of at least €2500 a month.

You can share the apartment with a friend. Both incomes will be accounted for for a 100%, if you are students, you are expected to have a guarantor with a gross income of at least €2500 a month.

The deposit amounts to 1 month of the net rent.

If you are self-employed or have your own establishment, you are expected to pay 3 months of deposit.

If you do not meet the income requirements, the landlord/landlady might change the demands with regard to the deposit.

No housing permit is necessary for the three- and four-room apartments.

More information regarding housing permits can be found on the website of the Municipality The Hague:

Questions on the three-room apartments

The first apartments have been available as of 1 April 2020.

The minimal period for renting is 12 months: in this period, it is not possible to terminate the rental agreement. After this, the rental agreement will run for an indefinite amount of time. After the first 12 months, the rental agreement can be terminated with a one month cancellation period.

Every 3-room apartment has its own private outdoor space, which can be either a balcony, gallery, terrace or garden, of min. 6m2The buildings vary between 9 and 12 floors and partly slope, via wide stairs, towards the water: the ‘apartment search’ enables one to take a look at the specific type of outdoor space for each apartment.

Furthermore, there are various communal outdoor spaces. Car-free play- and living-streets that directly align with the front yards of the houses situated on the ground floors are being built in-between the buildings. An abundance of greenery can be found on the rooftop terraces and in the communal roof gardens inside the buildings.

All 3-room apartments have their own private storage facility (located inside the apartment; with a connection for washing machines and dryers). (gelegen in het appartemen;t met wasmachine en wasdroger aansluiting).  

All apartments are endowed with a living room and open kitchen, equipped with luxurious appliances, such as a refrigerator with freezer, induction stove with a 90cm wide range hood, dishwasher and combination microwave-oven.

All apartments have a separate toilet (thus, not situated inside the bathroom). The shower in the bathroom has a glass screen and a thermostatic shower tap. Next to that, there is a bathroom vanity with integrated sink and a matching mirroring closet. The entire bathroom is tiled all the way up to the ceiling. This is the same as in the toilet, which has a wall-hung toilet and small sink.

The apartments are furnished with the basics. The interior architect has created three different living designs per floor: Light |Warm |Rough. In de woningzoeker kan je de stijlen per appartement vinden.

The walls in the living room, bedrooms and hallway are covered with non-woven wallpaper, which is painted with RAL 9010 with, depending on the type of apartment, one wall being painted in a contrasting colour, as determined by the interior architect.

The apartments will furthermore be equipped with PVC flooring with baseboards of 12cm high in RAL 9010 for an elegant appearance.

The inner doors found inside the apartment (excluding the entrance door) are inset doors with no overhead lighting.

The apartments are heated through underfloor heating. For the heating and hot water supply, all apartments are part of a collective ATES-installation provided for by Eteck. Each renter is obliged to conclude a supply agreement with Eteck.

The apartments are endowed with Energy rating A+. The apartments are optimally isolated and use no gas..

Each apartment has a CAI-connection (Ziggo) and optical fibre hookup (Reggefiber).

There are various parking spaces for rent, in Dock 3, Dock 4 and Dock 5. Dock 5 has the most parking spaces. If all parking spaces in Dock 3 and 4 have been rented out, there is still the possibility to rent a space in the neighbouring Dock 5. The parking places can be rented for €80 a month.

If all parking spaces within the project were to be rented out, it is still possible to obtain a street parking permit. The municipality of The Hague is currently constructing a large number of public parking spaces in communal areas.

Every building has, at the ground floor, a communal place for storing bicycles.

There is a caretaker for cleaning and maintenance of the communal areas. 

Pets are allowed with reservations, so long as they do not cause any nuisances or damages.

Designated areas meant for containers are present on the ground floor of each building. You can deposit your household waste inside these containers.

On the surrounding area

Caland Dock is situated in the suburb Laakhaven-West, located nearby the centre of The Hague, various highways, station Hollands Spoor, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, various businesses and a substantial offer in fun hotspots. 

Originally, this part of The Hague was a docking and industrial area. Nowadays, it has been transformed into a modern, contemporary neighbourhood with a lively character and ample room for living, relaxation and work.

Caland Dock is quickly reached with the car via the highway. This will only improve when the Rotterdamse Baan (new part of the highway) is finished around the end of 2020.

As Station Holland Spoor is located not even 1.5 kilometres away, there are plenty of possibilities to travel with public transport.

Laakhaven-West is quickly evolving into an easily accessible suburb, where living and working merge. An example for the urban multi-functional suburbs of the future. Many of the old office buildings have been demolished, with some of the more characteristic industrial buildings being retained. They, together with two restored authentic harbour cranes, the area is given a bold ambiance. The dock offers space to catering businesses with outdoor spaces situated alongside the water, as well as to other retail shops. It is very well possible that a marina will be actualised in the near future as well.

Is your question not among these frequently asked questions?

Do not hesitate to contact one of the estate agents; Number XII 070-205 1196 or Duinzigt Wonen 070-360 6365.

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