This website is developed with great care and precision based on any information provided for by the experts that were involved in the creation of this project, including, among others, architects, advisors, contractor, municipal services, etc. As the development of any construction project occurs within societal frames and relations that are constantly subjected to changes and modifications, adjustments might occur that could not have been foreseen, not even by the abovementioned experts. We therefore find this website to be one of ambiance with an illustrative character.

The client therefore retains the right to enforce any deviations pertaining to what is found on this website. These deviations shall not diminish in any way the quality of the final product, nor will they affect the total rent to be paid. All measurements mentioned are therefore ‘circa’.

De afgebeelde artist impressions, technische tekeningen, interieursuggesties en keukenfoto’s zijn zogenaamde ‘artist impressions’. Ze geven een goede indruk en zijn deels naar fantasie van de illustrator ingevuld. Er kunnen echter geen rechten aan worden ontleend. Deze website is geen contractstuk. De definitieve huur- aannemingsovereenkomst (met bijlagen) omvatten de bindende informatie.

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