Caland Dock is a new area for life and living with a pleasant ambiance for both its occupants as visitors. The complete newly-built project consists of 5 buildings (Dock 1 up to and including 5) with a total of 550 residences, 3 parking garages and about 1,125 m2 of commercially-oriented space (including catering). The buildings vary between 9 and 12 floors and partly slope, via wide stairs, towards the water. These fine, stepped frontages are sun-drenched and offer a waterfront view. Calming and inspiring, all at the same time.

Car-free play- and living-streets that directly align with the front yards of the houses situated on the ground floors are being built in-between the buildings. An abundance of greenery can be found on the rooftop terraces and in the communal roof gardens inside the buildings. The commercially-oriented ground floor of the buildings (de plint?) beside the Calandkade presents ample opportunity for catering with outdoor seating and retail. It is very well possibly that even a marina will be actualised in the near future.

DOCK 3 & 4

  • Living area from ca 59m2 to 116 m2
  • Two-, three-, and four-room apartments
  • Private storage facility; located inside the apartment with a connection for washing machines and dryers
  • Private outside area, either as a balcony, gallery, terrace or garden (at least 6m2)
  • Communal bicycle storage on the ground floor

Dock 3 & 4 are both 12 floors high; Dock 5 is a little smaller and counts 9 floors.


  • Living area from ca. 29m2 to 101m2
  • One-, two-, three-, and four-room apartments
  • The apartments with a living area over 50m2 have their own private storage facility located inside the apartments with a connection for washing machines and dryers
  • The three- and four-room apartments all have their own private outside area, either as a balcony, terrace or garden (at least 4m2)
  • The one- and two-room apartments enjoy in varying degrees either a French balcony, or garden or balcony
  • Communal bicycle storage on the ground floor.


All apartments are furnished with the basic essentials, including a fine PVC-floor with an underfloor heating system, elegant walls with glass-fibre wallpapering, a luxurious bathroom with shower, shower curtain, washbasin and mirror, and a furnished kitchen with, among others, a combination microwave/oven, refrigerator with freezer, induction stove and range hood. There is a choice between three interior designs, which can be seen in the colour of the floor, the walls and the kitchen. Our interior architect has compiled a contemporary colour coding design in three different styles: LIGHT, WARM AND ROUGH. Choose the design that befits you.





Wonderful interior impressions have been made to create an idea of the three styles, Light | Warm | Rough. The architect has endowed each floor with either of these three styles. Which colour floor, kitchen and walls do you choose?

Select in the apartment overview you preferences, choose your dream-apartment and collect all essentials needed for applying.

Interior impression
1e Lulofsdwarsstraat 4-S
1 Room Apartment
Style: Rough
Interior impression
1e Lulofsdwarsstraat 4-N
2 Room Apartment
Style: Light
Interior impression
Calandkade 79
3 Room Apartment
Style: Rough
Interior impression
1e Lulofsdwarsstraat 20-E
4 Room Apartment
Style: Warm


The apartments are endowed with Energy rating A+, optimally isolated and equipped with underfloor heating. A collective WKO-installation from Eteck provides hot water supply and heating, with each apartment having a CAI-connection (Ziggo) and optical fibre hookup (Reggefiber), which leaves one free to choose a provider of personal preference.

A caretaker is present for the cleaning and maintenance of the communal spaces. As such, one will always be sure of a pleasant entry for both oneself and one’s family and friends.


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